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Oneida Community Members with Books in the Library

Many publications in the Oneida Community library contain marginalia, ownership inscriptions, and inserted materials that explicitly link them to specific members of the OC. We were able to identify original owners and readers within the OC when provided with full signatures, distinctive initials, and/or contextualizing information about location, date, and family members. In some cases, we were unable to identify OC readers due to incomplete inscriptions and illegible handwriting. When faced with marginalia of this nature, we recorded potential names but made our doubts known. The following OC members and non-members are represented in this collection:

Community Members
Daniel Austin Abbott 
Albert M. Ackley
Alice M. Ackley (Kinsley)
Julia (Carrier) Ackley 
Emily H. (Dutton) Allen
George Dutton Allen
Grosvenor Noyes Allen
Harriet Elizabeth Allen (Joslyn)
Henry Allen, Sr. 
Henry Grosvenor Allen
Ann Sophia Hobart Bailey (Skinner)
Daniel J. Bailey
Israel Bailey
Mary Victoria Baker
Alfred Barron
Alvah Barron
John Homer Barron
Dorothy Hendee Noyes Barron (Leonard)
Fanny (Kinsley) Barron
Maud K. Barron 
Miriam Trowbridge Noyes Barron (Earl)
Ruth H. (Bedford) Barron
David E. Blood
Edward Loveland Blood
Mary F. Blood (Hutchins)
Mary (Loveland) Blood 
Clarence E. Bloom
Morgan L. Bloom
Sophia L. (Nunns) Bloom
Anna Bolles (Eldridge) 
Lorenzo Bolles, Jr.
Lemuel H. Bradley
Sarah Ann (Summers) Bradley
Birdseye Bristol
John Milton Burdick
Abigail (Scott) Burnham
Almira (Walbridge) Burnham
Edwin Scott Burnham
George Henry Burnham
Henry W. Burnham
Sarah A. Burnham (Campbell)
Charles A. Burt
Fidelia A. (Dunn) Burt
Horace Burt
Jonathan Burt
Lorinda (Lee) Burt
Ormond Noyes Burt
Sarah E. Burt
Isabella Cameron
Achsah (Richardson) Campbell
Emma A. Campbell (Woolworth)
George Campbell
Theodora Campbell
Charles E. Carpenter
Mrs. Charles Carpenter
Amasa Whitney Carr
Anna Ellis (Page) Childs
Adella D. Clark
Henry T. Clark
Virtue Bailey Conant
Charles A. Cragin
George E. Cragin
Sarah E. Averell Dascomb
Ernest DeLatre
Reginald DeLatre
Robert Sparrow DeLatre
Julia S. Dunn (Hyde)
Leonard F. Dunn
Marion A. Dunn (Bloom)
Sarah (Kinsley) Dunn
Emily Easton
Fanny Easton
Josiah J. Franks
Betsy (Kinsley?) French
Charles Julius Guiteau
Augusta E. Hamilton (Towner)
Carrie Cosette Hamilton (Phelps)
Erastus Hapgood Hamilton
George William Hamilton 
Harley Burnham Hamilton
Anna Maria Hatch
Eleazer Lathrop Hatch
James Henry Hatch
Karl Hatch
Leonora Hatch (Noyes)
Alfred Edward Hawley
Eliza Harriet Hawley
Rollin Victor Hawley
Roswell B. Hawley
Beulah M. Foster Hendee (Barron)
James Burton Herrick
Paul Bernard Herrick (Haydn Inslee)
Joel C. Higgins
Sophronia S. Higgins
Virginia Reid Hinds
William Alfred Hinds
Harriet Howard
Mercy (Paine) Howes
Henry D. Hunter
William Hunter
John P. Hutchins
Samuel Hutchins 
Clifton Whatley Inslee
William R. Inslee
Charles S. Joslyn
Levi Joslyn
Mabel Henrietta Joslyn
Elizabeth (Patten) Kellogg
Enos Kellogg
Mary Elizabeth Kellogg
Annie E. Kelly (Miller)
Dwight L. Ernest Kelly
William G. Kelly
Harriet (Hayes) Kinsley
Heman Kinsley
Martin Ellsworth Kinsley
Myron Harrison Kinsley
Mary E. Langstaff (Vail) 
Morris E. Lawton 
Charlotte Miller Leonard
Fanny Maria (White) Leonard
John Leonard
Stephen Rose Leonard
Clarissa Loomis
John Randolph Lord
Carolyn A. Macknet (Woolworth)


Frederick A. Marks 
Charlotte Augusta (Noyes) Miller
George Noyes Miller
Helen Campbell Miller (Barron)
Tirzah Crawford Miller (Herrick)
John Ransom Miller
Ellen Eugenie Mills
Daniel Pool Nash
Ellen Baker Nash (Wright)
Sarah B. (Knowles) Nash
Seymour Nash 
Sewell Newhouse
Harvey Norton
John Noyes Norton
Polly (Hotchkiss) Norton
George Wallingford Noyes
George Washington Noyes
Harriet Ann (Holton) Noyes
Hilda (Herrick) Noyes
John Humphrey Noyes
Pierrepont Burt Noyes
Theodore Richards Noyes
Victor Cragin Noyes
Charles Olds
Harriet D. Matthews (Olds)
Horace R. Perry
May Perry
William H. Perry
Theodore Lafayette Pitt
Mary Louise Prindle
Gaylord W. Reeve
Ransom Reid, Jr.
James Reynolds 
Ann (Cooley) Sears
Freeman Sears
John Freeman Sears
Wilfred E. Sears
Henry J. Seymour
Isaac Seymour
Lucy A. Seymour
Tryphena (Hubbard) Seymour
Harriet M. (Hatch) Sibley
Harriet Hayes (Noyes) Skinner
John Joseph Skinner
John Langdon Skinner
Abram C. Smith
Dexter Edson Smith
Eugene Deming Smith
Sarah A. Story (Conant)
Henrietta Sweet
Lucy Ann (Warner) Thayer
Mary Polly (Allyn)) Tobey
Cinderella (Sweet) Towner  
Lillian Sweet Towner (Allen)
James W. Towner 
Rutherford (Hamilton) Noyes Towner
Frank W. Tuttle
Portia Marie Underhill (Allen)
Chester B. Underwood
Chester W. Underwood
Ella Florence Underwood
William Langstaff Vaill
Ann Eliza Van Velzer 
Charles Lyman Van Velzer
Erastus Van Velzer
James Henry Van Velzer
Lyman Van Velzer
Mary Elizabeth Van Velzer
Henry A. Warne
Edith M. Waters
Louisa B. (Tuttle) Waters
Francis Wayland-Smith
William H. Woolworth 
Cornelia Josephine Worden (Wayland-Smith)
Harriet Maria Worden
Elliot Prindle Hinds
Stella Vaill Worden (Smith)
Susan Leona Worden (Hamlin)
Mary S. Whatley
Flora Jane Whiting (Tuttle)
James L. Whiting
Phoebe A. Sibley (Whitney)
Alfred Devine Wright
Orrin Derbyshire Wright

Possible Attributions to Known Community Members
Maria Fanny Barron
Lorenzo Bolles, III
Candace J. Bushnell
Sophia (Johnson) Clarke
Olive A. (Garvin) Conant 
Tryphena Freeman
Jessie Gray
Jessie Catherine Baker Hatch (Kinsley)
Horace Hazelton
Stillman Hazelton
Elliot Prindle Hinds
Jane A. Kinsley
Jane (Fullington) Kinsley
Francis Long
Martha Hawley (Marks)
Olive Ann (Kellogg) Nash
Godfrey Barron Noyes
Horace Perry, Jr.
Amos Gillette Reeve
Martha J. (Towner) Reeve
Sarah Jane Seymour
Sarah (Savage) Seymour
Rebecca Smith
George Henry Vaill, Jr.
James Wright

Attributions to Non-Community Members
Hope Emily Allen
Frederick W. Frankland
Sophie McIlvaine (Bledsoe) Herrick
George Albert Lomas
Larkin Goldsmith Mead, Sr.
Elizabeth Frances Noyes (Ransom)
Horatio Smith Noyes 
Joanna Sarah Noyes (Hayes)
John Noyes
Mary Jane Noyes (Mead)
George Price
Mark Richards
Gerrit Smith
Thomas Cogswell Upham