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The life and writings of Theophilus R. Gates.

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Gates, T. R. (1818). The life and writings of Theophilus R. Gates.: Containing his trials, experiences, exercises of mind, and first travels. Truth advocated, or, Explanations on parts of the Revelation and other prophecies. A sincere inquiry concerning the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God. Observations on the signs of the times; intended as a supplement to Truth advocated. Remarks on the goodness and severity of God. A view of the last dispensation of light that will be in the world, &c. : Annexed is The dream, first printed in the Philadelphia True American. A history of two Jews, in their pursuit after the truth. An account of the people of the Catacombs. Concluding remarks in application to the whole. : [Two lines from Isaiah]. Philadelphia: Printed by David Dickinson, for the author. Retrieved from