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An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations
The Book of Mormon
A dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities
The illustrated hand-book, a new guide for travellers through the United States of America
English grammar on the productive system
The Book of Mormon
A manual of political economy
Fruits and farinacea, the proper food of man: being an attempt to prove, from history, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry, that the original, natural, and best diet of man is derived from the vegetable kingdom;
Speeches of Gerrit Smith in Congress
Practical and mental arithmetic on a new plan : in which mental arithmetic is combined with the use of the slate, containing a complete system for all practical purposes, being in dollars and cents
Speeches of Gerrit Smith in Congress [1853-1854]
English grammar on the productive system
Sermons and speeches of Gerrit Smith
Religion of reason
A dictionary of the Bible, comprising its antiquities, biography, geography, and natural history, with numerous illustrations and maps.
Twenty years among the bulls and bears of Wall street
The Edinburgh review