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The pastor's offering
The great harmonia
Events in the life of a seer; being memoranda of authentic facts in magnetism, clairvoyance, spiritualism
The harbinger of health
Death and the after-life
The magic staff; an autobiography of Andrew Jackson Davis ..
Answers to ever-recurring questions from the people. (A sequel to the Penetralia.)
Mental disorders : or, Diseases of the brain and nerves, developing the origin and philosophy of mania, insanity, and crime, with full directions for their treatment and cure
Morning lectures
The Fountain; with jets of new meanings. Illustrated with ... engravings.
The principles of nature, her divine revelations, and a voice to mankind. By and through Andrew Jackson Davis, the "Poughkeepsie seer" and "clairvoyant." In three parts ..
A stellar key to the summer land
The Diakka and their earthly victims
A manual of magnetism.
The present age and inner life
The great harmonia