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Roman antiquities
Inni giovenili
Sermons on the religious education of children; preached at Northampton
The medical companion
History of England from the first invasion by Julius Caesar to the Peace of Ghent comprising every political event worthy of remembrance ...
Musica sacra: or Springfield and Utica collections united: consisting of psalm and hymn tunes, anthems and chants; arranged for two, three or four voices, with a figured bass for the organ of piano forte
An humble, earnest, and affectionate address to the clergy
A short and easy method with the deists; wherein the certainity of the Christian religion is demonstrated by infallible proof, from four rules, which are incompatible to any imposture that ever yet has been, or can possibly be. In a letter to a friend
Paradise lost a poem, in twelve books.
History of the discovery of America, of the landing of our forefathers, at Plymouth, and of their most remarkable engagements with the Indians, in New-England : from their first landing in 1620, until the final subjugation of the natives in 1679 : to whic