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Roman antiquities

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Adam, A., & Wilson, P. (1819). Roman antiquities: or, An account of the manners and customs of the Romans; respecting their government, magistracy, laws, judicial proceedings, religion, games, military and naval affairs, dress, exercise, baths, marriages, divorces, funerals, weights and measures, coins, method of writing, houses, gardens, agriculture, carriages, public buildings, &c. &c. : Designed chiefly to illustrate the Latin classics, by explaining words and phrases, from the rites and customs to which they refer. New-York: Printed by William A. Mercein, no. 93 Gold-Street, for Kirk & Mercein, W.B. Gilley, C. Wiley & Co. John Sayre, Scott & Seguine, John Tiebout, L. & F. Lockwood, E. Bliss, Samuel Campbell & Son, A.T. Goodrich & Co. G.A. Banks, New-York, and Cushin(TRUNCATED). Retrieved from; Note: Click here to access the electronic text.