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A brief exposition of the doctrine of the New church, which is meant by the New Jerusalem in the Apocalypse
A compendium of the theological and spiritual writings of Emanuel Swedenborg; being a systematic and orderly epitome of all his religious works; selected from more than 30 v. and embracing all his fundamental principles, with copious illus. and teachings.
A summary exposition of the internal sense of the prophetical books of the Word of the Old Testament, and also of the Psalms of David. With a twofold index
Angelic wisdom concerning the divine love and the divine wisdom
Angelic wisdom concerning the divine love and the divine wisdom
Angelic wisdom concerning the divine providence
Concerning heaven and its wonders: and concerning hell : from things heard and seen
Heaven and its wonders
Of the New Jerusalem and its heavenly doctrine as revealed from Heaven
On the intercourse between the soul and the body
The Apocalypse explained according to the spiritual sense, in which the arcana therein predicted but heretofore concealed are revealed
The Apocalypse revealed
The Athanasian Creed, extracted from the Apocalypse or Book of revelations explained, of Emanuel Swedenborg. Uniform Title
The Future life
The Medium of salvation ... for the New Church in the United States. Uniform Title
The doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Lord
The first part of this publication contains an edifying and interesting account of man's being raised from death, and his entrance into immortality
The memorabilia of Swedenborg
The spiritual diary ... Translated from the Latin by George Bush. Uniform Title
The true Christian religion