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A summary exposition of the internal sense of the prophetical books of the Word of the Old Testament, and also of the Psalms of David. With a twofold index
The Christian philosopher, or, The connection of science and philosophy with religion
The young lady's own book
The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
The improvement of the mind
The teacher, or, Moral influences employed in the instruction and government of the young
Woodstock; or, The cavalier.
American antiquities and discoveries in the West
An account of the infancy, religious and literary life, of Adam Clarke, LL. D., F.A.S., &c.
A new translation of the Hebrew prophets: arranged in chronological order
Memoir of James Brainerd Taylor
The works of the Reverend John Fletcher
The Whigs of Scotland
The Christian's instructer
A compendium of natural philosophy: : adapted to the use of the general reader, and of schools and academies.
The American Chesterfield, or, Way to wealth, honour and distinction : being selections from the letters of Lord Chesterfield to his son and extracts from other eminent authors on the subject of politeness, with alterations and additions suited to the you
The complaint and consolation ; or, Night thoughts on life, death and immortality
Selumiel, or, A visit to Jerusalem
The Protestant. Essays on the principal points of controversy between the Church of Rome and the Reformed