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The Edinburgh encyclopaedia
The practical American millwright and miller; comprising the elementary principles of mechanics, mechanism, and motive power, hydraulics, and hydraulic motors, mill dams, saw-mills, grist-mills, the oat-meal mill, the barley mill, wool carding and cloth f
A defence of the Trinitarian system, in twenty-four sermons : in which the leading controversial points between Trinitarians and anti-Trinitarians are stated and discussed
The history of England from the invasion of Julius Cæsar to the Revolution in 1688
The cause and cure of infidelity
Man--where, whence, and whither?
The works of David Ricardo
North American second class reader : the fifth book of Tower's series for common schools : developing principles of elocution, practically illustrated by elementary exercises, with reading lessons ...
North American first class reader : the fifth book of Tower's series for common schools, in which the higher principles of elocution are explained and illustrated by appropriate exercises
Natural philosophy; for the use of schools, academies, and private students ..