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The magic staff; an autobiography of Andrew Jackson Davis ..
Mental disorders : or, Diseases of the brain and nerves, developing the origin and philosophy of mania, insanity, and crime, with full directions for their treatment and cure
Messages of Gen. Andrew Jackson
Answers to ever-recurring questions from the people. (A sequel to the Penetralia.)
Death and the after-life
The present age and inner life
The Diakka and their earthly victims
The one thing needful
Analekta hellenica meizona : sive Collectanea graeca majora, ad usum academicae juventutis accommodata cum notis philologicis, quas partim collegit, partim scripsit
The great harmonia
The Great Harmonia; being a philosophical revelation of the natural, spiritual and celestial universe...
Report of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction
Morning lectures
The principles of nature, her divine revelations, and a voice to mankind. By and through Andrew Jackson Davis, the "Poughkeepsie seer" and "clairvoyant." In three parts ..
Brief longhand: a system of longhand contractions, by means of which the principal advantages of shorthand are secured without resort to stenographic characters... to which are added several appendixes pertaining to phonotype and phonography
The great harmonia
The harbinger of health
Events in the life of a seer; being memoranda of authentic facts in magnetism, clairvoyance, spiritualism
A stellar key to the summer land